ART|JOG 2014 Legacies of Power proposition

  • Organisation: Yayasan Biennale Yogyakarta
  • Year founded: 2009
  • 05-06-|2014

Simulation graphique © Marc Pierrard –  Installation © Aïda Schweitzer

Does the peoples sovereignty still cover any reality? Or could it be a void and senseless term in order to mask a fierce battle between opposite parties?

It is appropriate to reformulate the problem regarding forms and procedures that could truly restore the sovereignty of the people against the integrity of the voting process, hence the choice of a hardly accessible closed empty box.

This interactive installation invites the viewer to rethink democratic legitimacy and review its actual shape as well as its fragility. The unrealistic assertion of equality hides ex- treme inequality. The public is invited to breach the wall, to break the silence and to make its voice heard.

1965 2014 calls the collective unconsciousness as well as its past and present struggles, those who died, for the price of democracy…

Chicomo for President is the symbol of a new power, the carrier of a new era, of new hope…

This is the heart of this subject, where super heroes enter the electoral arena such as roosters, yet nobody knows who won’t come out unscathed or get some feathers torn out…


The Sabungan Performance

I will move around the venue as a ‘rooster’ and encourage the audience to react to the issue that is currently taking place as well as the status of women in indonesian politics using a dictaphone, thereby confronting the audience to a territory reserved for men such as rooster fights.

Further I will recite fragments of speeches from top of the list leaders and praise my merits, both in indonesian and french, the latter being incomprehensible for most of the audience thus raising questions about an uncertain future in which all hope is permitted.