HANGAR Centre for Contemporary Art Lisbon

HANGAR Centre for Contemporary Art – Lisbon
3 — 17.11.20212
Curator: Kisito Assangni
Opening: November 3rd – 6 pm / 9 pm

NEVER CROSS THE SAME RIVER TWICE encompasses large-scale videographies that aim to support new kinds of transnational and global encounters. The selected video-pieces are sites of visual contestation, realist in style, with narratives that review the past, guarantee chronicles and ancestors, and decolonize the mind and the creative spirit.
Alluding to Heraclitus’ river, which viewed the way of life as a substance in constant transition and vacillation, the title of the project is a call to imagine new natural, political, and administrative foundations and frameworks and established. In examining the restrictions of film as activism, much of the work of interest reflects what Argentine scholar Walter D. Mignolo calls the important epistemic challenge and decolonial opportunity to remake a just future.NEVER CROSS THE SAME RIVER TWICE opens up shattering ghostly results of new imaginaries. It hopes to extend and densifythe interconnected themes woven into the presentation program: history, filiation, ethnography, otherness, memory, colonization, Afrofuturism, women’s liberation, diaspora, personality, globalization, and myth.