La Petite Collection

Fragile environments – Environnements fragiles

Galerie Bertrand Grimont, Paris – France
09.12.21 – 18.12.21
Curator Florence Lucas & Pauline Lisowski

Bertrand Grimont has decided to host the Petite Collection in December at the Espace Bertrand Grimont.
The distance to the work of art is thus reduced.

The representations of a bestiary with contemporary and Dantesque aspirations, in a universe that is sometimes poetic, sometimes disturbing. Colourful and populated with damaged creatures bearing the stigma of a modified nature. This series aims to inform the public about the consequences of the modification of the genome of animal populations and our relationship with nature.

More than 100 artists

Drawing on a postcard Coloured inks 10,5 x 15 cm                                  Photo Aïda Schweitze
Private collection Antwerp, Belgium