Interview Al-Tiba9

Discover my online interview with Mohamed Benhadj,
Founder & Curator of Al-Tiba9 (الطباق)

Al-Tiba9 Art Magazine is an established international publication that showcases experimental and progressive contemporary art

Aïda Schweitzer is a Franco-Egyptian performance artist.
Aïda lives and works between Luxembourg and Brussels. Without learning in art school, her confusing work is based on « a no » partitioning, a distance from a formatted model, and challenges the established codes. Committed and feminist, her work plunges us into a poetic interiority of pure lines, a legacy of her travels in Asia. Her drawings haunted by an imagined bestiary whose fine lines are repeated in an almost obsessive gesture revealing freedom of expression that can be found in the composition of her plastic language. Favor the intimate where the association of forms, materials, and symbols intersect. The revisited memory, the invisible, and the visible are intimately linked in an almost mystical approach. In its performance, societal issues on the status of women occupy a central place.
 Interviewed by curator Mohamed Benhadj

Contemporary Art Magazine – Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art
Artist Aïda Patricia Schweitzer – April 9, 2020